The S1 Admission Seminar was successfully held on Saturday, 24 November 2018, with nearly 3,000 parents and pupils registered for the event. On that day, live broadcast venues as well as the school hall were fully occupied.

Mr. Dennis Chan, our school principal, began the seminar by talking about the strategies for selecting secondary schools, our school’s vision, and some of our distinctive educational policies. We believe that a distinct educational approach is required to develop a child’s unique quality.

Principal Chan put special emphasis on introducing “Ching Chung G21 Empowerment Learning”, a new pedagogical approach utilizing Google and its apps to help students learn how to learn, take greater ownership for their learning, and become the architects of their knowledge. Because of this approach, Ching Chung became the first Google Reference School in Hong Kong and the eighth in Asia in 2018. Through Principal Chan’s sharing, the parents came to see such pedagogical approach will become tomorrow’s educational trend and cornerstone.

Lastly, the seminar participants had a campus tour guided by more than 600 student ambassadors. With a Chromebook in hand, the ambassadors showed the participants various school facilities and displays. The parents were marveled at the ambassadors’ confidence and courtesy. The seminar ended on a high note.

This is Principal Dennis Chan’s PowerPoint shown at the S1 Admission Seminar.

Queuing up for entry

The hall was fully occupied


The live broadcast venue