On the 14th of July, 2015, at Shouson Theatre in Wanchai Arts Centre, our school musical team had performed twice in public and earned recognition from their audience. Adapted from the fiction “1metre48″ by a local writer, Mrs. Ho Wu Yin Ching, the annual English musical performance was the product of the collective efforts of our wholehearted teachers and sedulous students in the past 9 months.

The story of the musical is about the experiences of a group of Form one students when they first enter secondary school. They are facing pressure from their studies, their families and their peers. “If a bunch of kids could not grow from 1.48m to 1.84m within one day or even fail to reach this height after trying all means, were their lives destined to be filled with regrets?” Our teachers and students have shown us that this is not true — the lives of these children can still be beautiful and unique. They exhibit the writer’s hope about the attitude and belief of “helping each other to live a more complete life” can become the spiritual outlets of the young people in need.

ePaper (Chinese version only):

  1. Title:不要叫人小看你年輕,每個人生的一米四八。
  2. Title:我來自天水圍,但我不可悲。

The making of “1metre48″