September 2021

Dear teachers, students and parents,

It is a privilege to write this letter of introduction to you as the new Principal of Chinese YMCA Secondary School.  I am distinctly honoured to have the opportunity to lead a school with such persevering students, an extremely dedicated staff, and a supportive school community.  I feel very fortunate to be part of this school and to support the students and families.

Looking back at the past 2020 to 2021 school year, teaching had been a huge challenge due to the epidemic.  In spite of difficulties, all the teachers and students of CYMCASS worked hard together to maintain online and offline work in order. CYMCASS has excellent, hardworking and responsible teachers.  They demonstrate great enthusiasm and a high degree of professionalism.  We are also proud of our high-quality students who are honest and kind.  Students not only pursue academics confidently, but also excel at non-academic achievements in inter-school and district competitions. I have full faith in teachers and students of CYMCASS.

With challenges and opportunities, I will unceasingly promote the school’s vision and mission in accordance with the Bible and the teachings of Jesus, develop all-round education and instil positive values in students.  I will keep upholding the principle of “glorifying God and loving others”, preparing students to become good citizens and to contribute to society with love and care.

In concomitant with organizing diversified self-study programs, students are encouraged to establish a self-disciplined school life. The school will keep putting unremitting efforts to help students achieve all-round learning goals. I bring a belief that the foundation of school development lies in the cultivation of talents.  Our colleagues and I will do our best to provide students with various activities to develop their potential and lay a good foundation for their growth.

CYMCASS always emphasizes gratitude and truth-seeking attitude. The cross in the middle of the school badge represents the spiritual education of students in the spirit of Christ. We adhere to the principle of “faith, hope, and love” as upheld in the Bible. In this changing age, we train students to serve the community with a view to putting the spirit of “not to be served but to serve” into practice.

I will perpetuate helping students widen their horizons and enrich students’ academic and non-academic learning experiences for the purpose of letting them demonstrate their diverse abilities. I will earnestly continue to enhance the professional development of the teaching team.  To fulfil our commitment with promoting high-quality Christian education, we will keep strengthening the connection with CYMCA Kindergarten, Primary School, and Secondary School and make schools a trusted partner of parents. Apparently, strengthening teachers’ ethics, creating a harmonious campus, and implementing new teaching practices to comprehensively promote Christian education are our indispensable objectives.

Education is viewed as a life-long process and expect that I will continue to learn much about the uniqueness of CYMCASS this year and in the years to come. Schools are great places when parents and teachers work together for our children. We are very proud of our many accomplishments at CYMCASS. I look forward to immersing myself completely in our school and in our community.



CHEUNG F.W., Frederick