Chinese YMCA Secondary School

The First Google Reference School in Hong Kong

Since the beginning of 1950’s, educators have been advocating a paradigm shift in education. Educators believe that learning should be transformed from a teacher-centered to a student-centered mode. Nonetheless, due to various reasons, such teacher-centered approach has not changed much over the past years. However, the mode of student learning has been prominently impacted by the ever-raging tide of the cyber world in recent years. Schools are facing great challenge for their traditional approach for learning and teaching.

In order to promote the paradigm shift in education to fulfill the needs of the millennial generation, Google has been devoting a lot of energy in developing “Google for Education”, which is a service provides both software and hardware to facilitate student-centered learning. From various innovative G Suite for Education apps to electronic device like Chromebook, Google has been offering teachers and students the infrastructure necessary for efficient and successful implementation of e-learning. To help teachers keep updated with the latest technology, Google has been training teachers to be Google Educators, Google Trainers and Google Innovators. Google also sifts to authorize schools around the world to be Google Reference Schools, which are responsible to provide professional support and advice to the schools / educators that have a keen interest to adopt “Google for Education” in promoting electronic self-learning.

Chinese YMCA Secondary School (Ching Chung) has turned a new leaf in 2018 by becoming the first Google Reference School in Hong Kong and the eighth in Asia. Moreover, Ching Chung is the second school around the world with all teaching staff as Google Certified Educators. With a humble and grateful heart for innovation together with the use of “Google for Education”, we will continue to develop “Ching Chung G21 Empowerment Learning” to promote the paradigm shift in education as well as genuine electronic self-learning around the world, so as to nurture competent talents for the 21st century.