The first Inter-School Mobile Application Design Contest was co-organized by the Hong Kong Joint School Electronics & Computer Society, Hong Kong Computer Society and School of Continuing & Professional Studies of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The theme of the competition is “Healthy Life”. Over 200 students from 60 secondary schools participated in this event.

Our S5 students, Tang Ka Lok, Regal Tsui Ying Kam, Chan Pei Shun, Kwan Kwok Lam and Alfred Bruce Chan, constructed the “Body’s Boss” App in the Practical Group and became the champions.

S4 students, Lai Hiu Yan, Chan Tsz Shan and Chan Mei Wai, were awarded merit in the Concept Group for the App “Time Secretary”.

An award presentation was held in a function room at Cyberport last Saturday, 6th July, 2014.

Congratulations to the above students! We are proud of you!!






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7th July, 2014