Our school had organized a “Jiangxi Learning Trip” for S2 students between 23rd and 26th October. The group of students traveled from Hong Kong to Jiangxi Nanchang via the Express Rail Link. Jiangxi Jingdezhen has been renowned for its porcelains all over the world since ancient times. Through visiting its historic sites and ancient kilns, students’ awareness of the Chinese government’s work in conservation was raised, and they also learnt about the relationship between Chinese traditional art and social development. In addition, our students had a school exchange with a local secondary school, Jingdezhen No.5 Middle School, which allowed them to experience different modes of learning and campus life. This trip had broadened the horizons of our students immensely and deepened their knowledge through personal experience and classroom learning.

Media Coverage (Chinese version only):

「同根同心」首乘港高鐵赴內地交流 (23rd October 2018, SingTao Daily)