On 24th March, the “NBA All-Star Dale Ellis’ Sharing – Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude” was held in the hall of Chinese YMCA Primary School. Apart from Dale Ellis, Tom Newell, the former NBA coach, and
Ché Scott, the chaplain for the Miami Heat, also joined in the sharing.

Dale Ellis is a former NBA basketball player who was picked to play in the NBA All-Star Game. He was also an NBA three-point shootout winner and renowned for his spectacular performance on the court. That day, Dale shared his basketball skills and life journey with us. He encouraged us to dream big because he believed many people, such as teachers, coaches and friends, will come around us as we go after these dreams. He also said that it is vital to develop a humble and persistent attitude as we work towards our goals. Whether we result in success or failure, he exhorted us to always put our trust in God and believe that he is leading us along the way.

As most attendees were members of the school’s sports teams, they were deeply encouraged and hugely inspired to passionately pursue their sports and academic endeavours. The sharing also helped the students to see the importance of goal setting, perseverance and trusting in God, which are invaluable keys to success as they grow and mature.