29th April 2022

Dear Parents and Students,

Hope all of you are doing well as you read this letter. Due to the epidemic, a Special Vacation was announced last March, connecting the Easter Holiday, to the last day of the Easter holiday. In light of the gradual easing of the epidemic, the Government announced that all schools in Hong Kong could stay with their plan to resume face-to-face lessons in stages after the Easter holiday according to the vaccination progress of students. Since our school calendar has been revised, you are reminded to stick with the updated change of dates on activities accordingly. Our class teachers will contact parents one week before the resumption of the face-to-face lessons. They will explain the specific arrangements of issues in terms of taking the Rapid Anti-gen Test and filling the Temperature and Rapid Antigen Test Record Sheet before returning to school every day so as to help the resume of school smoothly.

We understand the impacts on students and parents as schools shut. Social-emotional learning process has been disturbed. Having not seen classmates face-to-face for two months, hopefully, you will find the resume of lessons can re-boost your spirits and make your pace of daily life back to normal gradually. As balancing with public health concerns, the resume of school can serve as a channel to help students keep developing a sense of self-awareness and self-efficacy. Through face-to-face interaction, students are allowed for the attainment of a positive problem-solving mindset that is important in areas such as relationship building and emotion management. During the Special Vacation, your life might be affected by a lot of flexibilities. Students, therefore, you are strongly encouraged to reestablish your life with a schedule in an organized manner. For example, set your bedtime, focus on your study, maintain a good diet with healthy lifestyle and keep up your good spirit are what you need to help yourself get ready for the resume of school. As everyone is more irritated and worried about the pandemic, parents, you are encouraged to take care of yourself well first. You are the model of your child. How to keep helping your child structure the day with positive discipline is crucial and significant. All children, including teens, benefit from routines that are predictable yet flexible enough to meet individual needs. You are also encouraged to spend time listening to your child to help them ease their anxiety and stress. Do not hesitate to contact the school for any academic and emotional assistance. You are always supported and remembered in our prayers.

For Secondary 6 students, it has been a great challenging year to you. Also, we pray that you put your best efforts in the DSE and you will surely be crowned for your success.

In the Book of Psalms, ‘I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.’ (16:8). This hymn of David describes the Lord delighting in His saints and details God’s children joyously celebrating their fellowship with the Father. During the pandemic, we should not lose our hope. We trust that our Heavenly Father is always next to us and provides us with the best guidance.

We are looking forward to meeting you all again face-to-face soon.

Principal Cheung