29th December 2021

Dear Parents and Students,

December is the festive season month. Winter Solstice is one of the celebrations for people to spend time with loved ones, feast, sing and dance. Astronomically, it also marks the beginning of lengthening days and shortening nights. It is also called the ‘Longest Night’. Which night do you think has significantly changed the world and our human history? ‘Silent Night’ is remarkably the answer. Christ was born for all mankind. His salvation brings us to reconnect with God. In remembrance of the incarnation of Jesus Christ, we humbly learn how to practice God’s love to care others’ needs. We always think of the truth of ‘It is better to give than to receive’ (Acts 20:3). Not only does giving reflect God’s character which forms the teaching of our school, ‘to serve others, but not to be served’, but also it is commanded by God.

Ching Chung students are good at sports. It is honourable seeing many students from our school win at various inter-school competitions, like track and field, swimming and badminton. Our students have successfully demonstrated their diligence and perseverance. Their medals not merely represent their achievement but a practice of the ‘NEVER-GIVE UP’ attitude.

Our school choir and orchestra played at the thanksgiving service for The 120th Anniversary Celebration of the Founding of YMCA Movement in Hong Kong on December 8, 2021. Their beautiful voice and skillful play on flutes and violins for the hymns, ‘All Creatures of Our God and King’ and ‘Look at the World’ created a peaceful and harmonious ambience to praise the Lord in a wonderful combination of music instruments and vocal practice.

We are still busy with processing all S1 applications for 2022-2023. Parents are eager to send their children to Ching Chung, a trustworthy partner for supporting children’s growth. We are also glad to see applicants being enthusiastic and excited to their future study in Ching Chung. We are looking forward to building their characters and walking with them in their essential stage of learning and development through our feature curriculum and academic training.

To keep widening student’s global horizon, a Dutch Day program was held in our school on December 21, 2021 with the presence of Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Hong Kong and Macau, Arjen van den Berg and Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs (Special Duties), Cherry Tse. A Dutch Delft Blue Painting Workshop was organized to provide students with a chance of understanding the history of Delfware in the Netherlands and Dutch culture in a playful manner. A big colorful Dutch clog has been delightfully placed in our school to add more colours and fun to the whole activity.

When we are waving hands to say goodbye to 2021, it is perfect for reflecting on our journeys throughout the past months and visualizing our next steps as we enter into a new one.

“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” (Luke 2:14)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Principal Cheung