28th February 2022

Dear Parents,

During this unprecedented Omicron onslaught, our city is in a great struggle with many challenges. To schools, face-to-face lessons are suspended. Learning activities have to be moved from physical classrooms to online mode again. It truly affects student’s learning and social life. In spite of the unfavourable situation, teachers and students switch their teaching and learning mode under the new normal based on their past experience. Ching Chung G21 serves as an effective platform for helping students keep up with their learning pace and connection with their learning communities. Our teachers are experienced at applying online teaching skills to maximise student’s learning in off-campus setting. School has policies to ensure students to complete their homework and assessment on daily basis. It is hoped that students can maintain their own discipline and set up their healthily-balanced life when the school life is under this particularly tough period.

For S6 students, you are always remembered. After nearly four-months of face-to-face lessons in school, your school life has to be put on hold again. Teachers have originally prepared to provide you with more assistance to help you get ready for the 2022 DSE after the Lunar New Year holiday. Due to the severe epidemic situation, it is not safe to call you back for physically-supplementary lessons. Your teachers are still working hard to design and prepare exam-based materials for you to drill in view of keeping your exam spirit and become familiar with the exam earnestly. You are all encouraged to keep close contact with your teachers to receive the updated information for your revision and final preparation to achieve good results at the public exam that leads you to better and promising future study or work development. The best thing to see is you do your best. Hope you know that we are walking with you all the time.

For other forms, students are also reminded to attend online lessons and follow requirements set to avoid their learning from being lagged behind. Not only for academic pursue, school is still providing students with online extra-curricular activities in an organised manner so as to allow students to keep their interaction with activity instructors.

2022 Winter Olympics has just successfully completed. Once again, all winter-game athletes demonstrated their never-give up attitude to shine at competitions. We do not only celebrate with medal winners, but we also salute those who have participated in difficult and high-level training despite of not being able to gain any titles at their competing items. Sport spirt is part of Ching Chung’s highly-emphasised value. Students, you are all hoped to live with the unbreakable courage. Remember a truth to succeed — a plane has to fly into the wind for achieving lift.

Parents, I know it is also a stressful period to you, particular during the present epidemic situation. You are always supported. We would like to keep clear communication with you, ensure our school to provide your child with adequate educational resources and help you support your child’s remote learning. If you need any additional assistance for your child’s learning and emotional concerns, please contact us without hesitation. Not only walking with students but we are also walking with parents.

At the end of the letter, I sincerely pray that the peace from our Lord bestows you and your family.

‘’Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)

Principal Cheung