30th May 2022

Dear Parents and Students,

When you read this letter, the 2022 HKDSE has been completed. On behalf of the school, I thank teachers and supporting teams for helping run the DSE examination centre and serving as invigilators in an organized and professional way. I would also like to give my appreciation to parents for your constant support to your child for helping them go through the challenging S6 stage. It is hoped that they will receive good results in July.

As the epidemic trend continues to be stabilized, the Government announced the further relaxation of social distancing measures with a view to relaunching social and economic activities in an orderly manner. We are glad to see the resume of half-day face-to-face school start in early May. It is also good seeing students with successful gradual adaptation on energetic and interactive school life again. Although taking the Rapid Antigen Test and recording the body temperature record before attending school are required as a daily-morning routine at home, most parents can help their child to get the required items done efficiently. This truly helps practice the anti-epidemic measures on the campus smoothly. It is a joy to hear students’ laughter around our school playgrounds. That shows the refreshing environment has come back after the more than two-month suspension of school. However, we keep updating records for our students who have already taken vaccines so as to meet the requirement set by the Education Bureau for applying the resume of the whole-day face-to-face school later.

Before the resume of face-to-face school, our school management team and teachers had conducted numerous meetings to plan and help students become easily adopted to the long-missing learning classroom environment. I truly appreciate all teaching and non-teaching staff’s efforts in setting all things right so as to allow the smooth resume of school in an organized manner to provide students and parents with confidence in CYMCASS.

The purpose of the newly arranged term uniform-test week is to allow the school to know what students’ academic performance would be after the Special Vacation. The assessment helps the school figure out where students’ learning stage has been in view of helping teachers tailor-make more suitable materials for them to keep learning and being evaluated in order to prepare them for the final exam in July this year due to the newly rescheduled school timetable. It is hoped that students work hard to prepare for the test and parents play a role in supporting your child to catch up with their studies.

At the same time, our school keeps promoting STEM education earnestly. Congratulations on our student representatives from S3 and S4 who won the championship at the Division 3 (Hong Kong Tournament) – 2022 Odyssey Of The Mind organized by Creative Competition, Inc. According to our new plan, junior form students will have more chances to touch with learning topics related to their daily life and make their STEM learning authentic. Let’s take some of our S3 and S5 students as a significant example. They have currently joined the first aviation related competition in Hong Kong organized by AEROSIM. Sponsored by the school, they are required to study a training course recognized by JEPPESEN, a BOEING company about the knowledge of aviation and air navigation. The competition provided those participants with a good platform to learn what general aviation is about. They performed well with good results. They could apply for the internationally-recognized certificate issued by the American Federal Aviation Administration (AFAA) to help them for future career development in the aviation industry. This learning activity serves as the first and a big step for our school to make STEM education line up with practical career development. We are looking forward to going for more new developments in the STEM education field in view of not only making CYMCASS excel at G21 or other I.T. development in education but also preparing students to soar to high-level learning with the idea of ‘Sky is the limit’. Even though we are in the epidemic, CYMCASS is still always on the move!

‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.’ (Proverbs 9:10)

Principal Cheung
Chinese YMCA Secondary School