October 2021

Dear Parents,

September has been one of our busiest months in the school calendar – As we are smoothly entering into the month of October – it is another stage for teachers and students to get together with more activities inside the classroom as well as outside of the classroom. The newly renovated STEM room and Home Economics room further support the function of providing students with world class innovative facilities for learning in school.

S6 is the first form which has currently resumed their whole-day face-to-face lessons. Other forms will be expected to return back gradually after a certain number of students have got vaccinated. Students show their enthusiasm to attend face-to-face lessons. Although online lessons seem to have become a new learning mode under the ‘New Normal’, it is stressed that interaction and communication between teachers and students undoubtedly take place more effectively with a physically seen facial expression and affection.

I am delighted to welcome staff and students at the school gate each morning. A gentle greeting to each other starts a delightful day. My supportive guidance to teachers, and Head of Years (HOYs) gives me the companionship with them at the gate every morning. It not only shows the strong teamwork with them but also helps me understand students’ roles and morals. As they enter school, their neat appearance and confidence show their unique features of Ching Chung Yan.

The new school theme, ‘Think Critically, Learn Diligently, Seek Truthfully, Act Sensibly’ has become a direction for shaping Ching Chung students’ growth. It is hoped that students can be led to develop themselves by directing their goals in life through a path of wisdom, knowledge and humbleness. Our school activities also align with this course to keep providing students with different learning exposures and giving them the opportunity of having a positive mindset.

 “I Love Principal’s Office” is a feature activity for S1 students. I have invited all our S1 students to visit my office in groups. They show excitement of not only meeting me in the office but also taking my role of being a principal. Through this role play, each student can act out as a principal for several minutes to answer questions for the school development from their peers. Their visit brings laughter to the formal place where significant decisions are made each day. At the end of each visit, students are invited to write a card to leave me a message for their wishes and blessings to the school. I believe this activity will become a good memory for all our new S1 students. They will proudly say they have once become a principal in Ching Chung when they graduate!

As we keep progressing on for this school year, may the Lord keep you and bless you with HIS grace and love.


Principal Cheung